Advanced Settings

The Advanced Settings page allows you to control server settings which are useful in tailoring a Vault Standard installation to certain environments, but can otherwise be left unchanged..

Temporary Working Directory

The Temporary Working Directory is the path to the directory (on the server) where Vault Standard stores temporary files during processing.

The default is %SYSTEMROOT%\Temp. To change the path, enter the new path in the Temporary Working Directory field, then click Save.

Session Timeout

Set the length of time, in minutes, after which a Vault Standard client’s session will timeout.

The default is 10,080 minutes (7 days).

IIS File Upload Limit

The IIS File Upload Limit determines how large a single file can be while adding it to Vault Standard. The size, in kilobytes, of the file upload limit in IIS is displayed.

The default is 102,400 KB.

Login Delay Threshold

In the Login Delay Threshold box, type the number of login attempts a user can make before there will be a delay in allowing that user to attempt another login. This refers to consecutive failed login attempts from the same location.

The default is 10.

Login Delay Timeout

In the Login Delay Timeout box, type the number of seconds a user must wait before they can attempt another login if they have failed to login by the number specified in the Login Delay Threshold box.

The default is 30.

Active Directory Domain for Authentication

The Active Directory Domain box determines whether users are able to authenticate their logins against activity directory accounts with the same name as their Vault Standard account. When users authenticate against Active Directory, their domain password must be entered instead of the Vault Standard password when logging into Vault Standard.

There must be at least one Active Directory domain name entered here to enable the feature.

It is possible to enter multiple Active Directory domains. Separate listed domains with a semicolon.

Example 5.1. Example domain lists




In the Add/Edit User page, you may specify which domain a user will authenticate against, or request that all domains be tried until one is successful, or all domains have failed to authenticate the user.

Database Buffer Size

In the Database Buffer Size box, type the buffer size (in kilobytes) to use when transferring files. If you regularly transfer very large files, this may increase performance, at the expense of memory efficiency.

The default is 256 KB.

Maximum File Size

The the maximum size (in kilobytes) for files in the repository. If Maximum File Size is specified, users will be prevented from adding/checking in files that exceed the specified size.

By default there is no limit on file size.