Back Up/Restore

The Backup/Restore page allows the user to backup and restore all Vault Standard databases. Since Vault Standard uses SQL Server’s backup tool, this is merely an interface to manually create backups of the Vault Standard databases. To automatically backup your Vault Standard databases via a script, consult SQL Server’s backup documentation. Additional information about backups can be found in the SourceGear Knowledge Base.

Vault Standard backup files are placed in SQL Server’s defined location for backup files.

Backup Databases

Backup File Name (*.sgvbak)

In the Backup File Name field, type the name of the backup file. The input name must be a valid file name. Vault Standard will automatically append ".sgvbak" to the file name.


Add a brief description of the backup file.

Backup Now

Click Backup Now to start the backup.

Restore Databases

Backup List

The Backup List box is a list of all files in the server backup directory that are Vault Standard backup files. The description and date and time of the file are also listed.


Click Restore to restore the selected file on the server. All users must be logged off. If there are other users logged in and the Vault Standard server is unable to lock the databases, an error message will appear and the restore will be cancelled.

When you restore a backup, it will completely overwrite all the data in the current Vault Standard databases in all repositories.

You must provide the SQL Server password in order to restore the databases.


Click Delete to delete the selected backup entry from the list.


This does not delete the backup files from the SQL machine. You must remove these files if you want to reclaim disk space.