Email Settings

The Email Settings page allows you to configure how Vault Standard sends email to Vault Standard users.

Users can configure Vault Standard to send email notifications for source control events. User-specific notification options are set in the Vault Standard user's Client under Tools->Options->Notifications.

Email settings can be tested with the Test Settings link.

SMTP Server

Enter the name of the SMTP Server Vault Standard will use when sending email to users.


Enter the port number that the SMTP Server will use. The default is 25.


Check this box to use a secure connection to the SMTP server.

SMTP Auth User

If the SMTP server requires authentication, enter the user name used to login to the SMTP server for authentication. If authentication is not needed, leave this blank.

SMTP Password

If the SMTP server requires authentication enter the password for the user name that is used to login to the SMTP server.

From Address

The From Address field is used to specify the address that will appear in emails sent from the Vault Standard server. It does not need to be a valid email address, but it will be displayed as the user from whom the email was sent.

Server URL

The Server URL field is used to specify the Vault Standard Server that emails will use to link actions to the Vault Standard web interface. For example, when a user checks in a file, a link will be generated in the email message that is sent as part of that check in. The link allows the user to go the Vault Standard web interface that shows more information about the check in as well as a diff window showing the change that was made.

The Server URL should be something like: http://[Vault Standard servermachine]/VaultService

Digest Send Time

Set the time to send email notifications to Vault Standard users who have elected to receive Email notifications as a daily digest. The default is 2:00 AM.


Click Save to update the email settings.