FogBUGZ Configuration

The following section applies to setting changes that should be made to FogBUGZ.  After installing FogBUGZ, logon as Administrator at http://<fogbugzserver>/fogbugz and navigate to the Site Configuration page.  (On the welcome page, click the Configure this Site link.)

To enable History, go to the Site Configuration page. In the text box SourceControl URL for logs, type the following case-sensitive URL:

http://<Vault Standardserver>/VaultService/VaultWeb/VaultHistory.aspx?File=^FILE

To enable Diff, in the text box Source Control URL for diffs, enter the case-sensitive URL for the Vault Standard history page, using the following format:

http://<Vault Standardserver>/VaultService/VaultWeb/VaultDiff.aspx?File=^FILE&Object=^R1&Version=^R2