The Licenses page allows you to enter your Vault Standard licenses into the installed server, and view information about the current number of licensed users.

Licenses Table

The Licenses Table contains information about Vault Standard licenses. The table includes:

License Number

The 25-digit number associated with the license.


The number of users for that license.

Expiration Date

The date on which the license number expires if it is a demo license or Permanent if it is a full license.


List any errors that may have occurred with the license; for example, "bad" or "requires upgrade".


Delete the selected license number.


Enter the license number received from SourceGear into Add field.

Click Add to enter the number. The license number will immediately be included in the License Number list.

Also displayed on this page is the number of full user licenses, as well as the number of active full users. This total does not include demo or temporary licenses.