The Logging page allows the user to specify configure the log file output, including log file path, level and frequency of backup.

Path to Log File

The Path to Log File displays the path to the server log file. The log file name is sgvault.log and will be placed in the log file path.

The default is %SYSTEMROOT%\Temp\sgvault. To change the path, type in new path.


Set the log level for output desired. The options are:


Connections information: user logging in and out, from where and with what type of connections

Server configuration information: release number and server option settings

All error messages


Everything in Quiet

All web method calls, their results and if the method operates on multiple items

Information on the success or failure of each item as it is processed

The default is Quiet.

Archive Log

Set the Archive Log for output desired. The options are:





The default is Weekly.

Overwrite on startup

If checked, Overwrite on startup will overwrite the log file when the server is restarted.

The default is Unchecked.

Use Reverse DNS Checkbox

Check Use Reverse DNS to use reverse DNS to look up the machine name of the client when logging in.

The default is Checked.