Naming Syntax, Conventions, and Limitations

User name

Length of user login = 64

User names can consist of alphanumeric characters, plus dashes, at signs, periods and underscores.  

A user name cannot start or end with a period or space.

User password

Length of password = 128 chars

Can be empty


Length of repository name = 256 chars

Label Name

Length of label name = 256 chars

File Name

Length of file / folder = 256 chars

Filenames in the server are case-insensitive, so for example, files called File.txt and FILE.txt cannot exist in the same folder. However, the file or folder should display in the case the user entered it, so that FILE.txt would be always be displayed as FILE.txt, and not as file.txt.

Filenames can consist of any characters except: / \ : * ? " < > |

A file or folder name cannot consist entirely of periods or spaces, nor can it end in a period.


Length of an entire path in tree = 1024 chars


Length of a group name = 32

Length of group description = 256


Length of transaction comment = 2304 chars

Size of File Stored in Database

Limited to SQL Server or MSDE

Number of Versions of a Given File