The Groups page allows the user to manage Vault Standard groups. A group is the recommended way to assign security rights to multiple users within a Vault Standard server. See the Security -> Security Rights and Security -> Groups sections for more information.


The Groups Table contains a list of all defined groups in the Vault Standard server.

The list can be sorted by clicking either the Group or Owner column heading. Clicking on the column heading again will reverse the column sort.  The default sort is alphabetically on the Group column.

The columns in this list are:


The names of the groups.


The repository or project associated with the group.  Global groups will show "Global" as the owner.


A short description of the group.

Access Rights

Clicking on the View link will lead to a page listing the group’s source control repository access and folder security rights assignments.  See the Security -> Security Rights section for more information about security levels.


Click Modify to make changes to the group's name, description, users, or shared administration.


Deletes both the group and all the security rights for the selected group.  No users are removed.


Note: The Admin Group cannot be deleted.


The Add button allows you add a new group to the Vault Standard server and assign users to it. When clicked, the Add Group page is made available.