Modifying the Repositories List


Click Add to open the Add Repository page and create a new repository in the database. New repositories will be created with the Default Repository Settings. You can keep or modify the default settings for the new repository on the Add Repository page.

Repository Settings changes can also be made to a select few Repositores. Within the page, click the checkbox to the left of the Repositories indicating which Repositories should be changed. Next, click the "Modify Selected" Text at the bottom of the page. Within the dialog, modify the settings to change for those selected Repositories. Click the Save button to save those changes to the Selected Repositories, or click Cancel to close the dialog without saving the changes.


To delete a selected repository, click the red "X" icon in the Delete column. A warning message will ask you to confirm the action before actually deleting the repository.

Always make absolutely sure you will not want access to the files in the repository before deleting it. Deleting a repository destroys all files and all history related to that repository and is not recoverable.


Click the pencil icon associated with the repository name in order to view and modify the repository settings page for the selected repository.

The name of the repository and settings for exclusive locks, check in comments, and folder security can be changed from the Repository page.

You can also modify a repository by checking the checkbox next to the repository name and clicking the Modify Selected bar at the bottom of the Rep