Chapter 6. Source Control Repositories

Table of Contents

Modifying the Repositories List
Default Repository Settings
Repository Access
File Types
Keyword Expansion
Keyword file types
Individual Repositories
Repository Access
Folder Security
Undo Check Out
Rebind Projects
Keyword Expansion
Find in Files
Find in Files Server Components
Find in Files Status Settings
Shadow Folders
Shadow Folders Table
New Shadow Folder

The Source Control Repositories link opens a page that allows the user to add, delete and view/edit properties of the repositories on the Vault Standard server. It lists all repositories in the Vault Standard server. By default, a new Vault installation creates an empty repository named "Initial Repository." This repository can be used as is, renamed, or deleted.

A repository is a logical grouping of files. You can create any number of repositories per server. However, files cannot be shared or branched across repositories.