The Users page allows you to manage Vault Standard users for all repositories within a Vault Standard server.  This page also lists the number of full/web-only user licenses, and the number of active full and web-only users.


In order to preserve historical information, you cannot delete users from Vault Standard. However, you can make any user inactive.  Inactive users do not take up an available license.


The Users Table contains a list of all users. The list can be sorted by clicking column headings.  Lists can be sorted by Login, Name, Default Rights or Status.  Clicking on the column heading again will reverse the column sort. The default sort is alphabetically on the User column.

The columns in this list are:

  • Login – The login of the user.
  • Name – The user’s name.
  • E-mail – The user’s e-mail address.
  • Default Rights – The default rights for all repositories.
  • Status – Displays Logged In if the user is currently logged in and Inactive if the user is currently inactive.
  • Access Rights – Lists the user’s source control repository access, and folder security rights assignments.
Add User

The Add button allows you to add users. When clicked, the Add User page will appear.

You can only add as many active users as you have licenses. Check the Server Settings ->Licenses page to see how many licenses you have available. You will get an error message if you attempt to add or activate more users than you have available licenses.

Edit User

The properties of a specific user can be altered by clicking on the selected user’s name under the login column. When clicked, the Edit User page will appear, describing the User Details for the selected user.

From this page, all aspects of the user’s information can be updated, including the user’s password, default rights and assigned groups.  Also, the user can be made active or inactive.  

This page also lists the number of available full user and web-only user licenses.


The Admin User cannot be deleted.

Access Rights

Clicking on the Overview link listed in the Access Rights column will display a page summarizing the repository and folder rights of the selected user.   Please see Security ->Security Rights for more information.

Copy Rights

Copy Rights allows you to copy the rights created for one user to those of another by making the Copy Rights Assignments page available.

Show Users in Groups

You have an option to view only users in a selected group. In this drop-down menu, select the group whose users you want to see.

Hide Inactive Users

This option determines whether the user list contains all users, or only users that are currently marked as active.